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Hello all, Jacques here.

Some time in the next 24 hours I expect that Catallaxy Files will be moved from its current home at to a server I operate. This will involve some disruption, which I will aim to minimise.

Essentially, while this site ( will remain as-is, the proper address of will begin to redirect to the new server instead of to here.

Posts and comments that have been made here will be transferred to the new server.

To avoid confusion, I’d ask you all to defer from commenting until the move to the new server is complete. You can go directly to the new server now, if you wish; its direct name is

As for recovering the archives, c8to has advised that unfortunately the original database is not available. I have been working on a screen-scraping script, but it is slow and fiddly going. I will keep you all up to date.

Additional: I have tried to lock comments temporarily to prevent any bon mots getting lost in transit.

Update 3.49pm WST: The current posts have been successfully moved to the new server.

Update 5.18pm WST: Looks like DNS has re-propagated; should be directing you to the new server.

Written by Jacques Chester

January 20, 2010 at 6:13 pm

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