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Around the blogs 5 Jan

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A handy “off the rack” critique of proposals for foreign aid, courtesy of  Bill Easterly at Aid Watch.

The rejoinder “Why my aid project is important (and will work)”.

And Bill Easterly’s advice “How to write about poor people“.

Andrew Norton comments on some Cabinet papers on higher education from 1979.

This result seems to capture the long-term culture of higher education policy on the Coalition side – some broadly sound but half-hearted and quarter-way policy suggestions, trumped by political nervousness. There has never been a critical mass of Coalition MPs who care enough and know enough about the issue to take some political risks to achieve something really worthwhile.

Michael Warby provides a rack of philosophy links. Including a (not serious) list of causes of death of philosophers. Mostly jokes for the insiders of course, like the Philosophers Lexicon.

Pirsig: Motorbike crashed
Place: Brained
Plantinga: Of necessity
Plato: Caved in
Pollock: Defeated
Popper: Falsified
Price: Backward causes
Priest: Became more dead than alive
Prior: Past it
Pritchard: Bad luck
Protagoras: Eaten by fish
Putnam: Dysfunctional state
Pyrrho: Scepticemia
Pythagoras: Squared on the hypotenuse

Conservative Teacher checks out the credentials of the man running the US Auto Industry Taskforce.

Every now and then I like to bum around and try to figure out who is ruling us. So I started looking into the Presidetial Task Force on the Auto Industry, a group of unelected elites devoid of any constitutional authority that Obama ordered to run large segments of our economy, and while doing so, my interest was caught by a young kid named Brian Deese, who (like Obama) rose from summer intern to most important person in charge of saving the US auto industry. Trying to find out more about him, I stumbled on a great site that I want to promote and encourage you all to explore called Who Runs

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