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Caution, tax eaters at work!

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More triumphs for centralism and big government in the ongoing disaster of the European Union.

Inspectors found that half the cattle that Slovene farmers said they owned, so qualifying them for special EU cow and beef grants, did not exist. A quarter of their sheep and goats were equally invisible.

Discrepancies between farming fact and fiction, which are equally strong among the older members of the EU, cost almost €1 billion (£670 million) last year — about 2 per cent of the agriculture budget.

Nine payments worth €2 billion to olive oil producers in Spain, Greece and Italy last year were either inflated or wrong, according to the annual report of the European Court of Auditors, the EU spending watchdog. In the case of Italy, it went even further, describing two cases as irregular.

The auditors discovered that two thirds of the 95 EUfinanced regional projects that they examined, which include new roads and bridges, contained “material errors”. These ranged from a lack of proper invoices for expenditure being reclaimed to declaring costs that had no relation to the scheme being funded. There are also considerable variations in the way that national authorities apply EU rules.

Last year Poland simply gave a warning to anyone who did not apply good farming practices. Under EU law, they should have been fined almost €1 million. In Greece, farmers’ unions input agricultural data into insecure computer systems that can be modified externally at any time.

After investigating how the €105 billion EU budget was spent last year across a range of policy areas, the auditors identified “a material level of error in underlying transactions and weak internal control systems”. As a result, for the 12th year in succession, they refused to sign off the accounts, giving them only qualified approval.

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November 1, 2006 at 2:39 pm

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  1. There was a case some years ago when they found that most of the olive groves listed didnt exist, at one stage they thought there were too many so they paid them to pull them out and then paid them to put them back in…they spent €120M on an olive tree counting audit.

    They also found that if all the orange orchards on sicily did exist they would stretch down the streets of palermo and into the harbour.


    November 1, 2006 at 4:01 pm

  2. I hate those EU USURPERS…..

    I hate them so very very much.

    Actually that works OK.

    European Blood-Sucker-Central….


    E(uropean) U(surpers).

    They really are such bastards.

    Because when a vote goes in their favour up comes the Napoleonic fist……….

    ONWARD!!!!! they say.

    But when they get bitch-slapped at the polls………….

    Then you get those stupid fucking FRENCH facial ticks and a dramatic pause…..

    “we go on” they say.

    You fucking bastards. You are no friends of ours.

    We need better friends.

    We need friends in need. On account of someone told me they were friends indeed.

    We have to start hanging out and looking at the good side of our Japanese friends. Our Taiwanese friends. Our South Korean pals. Our Israeli mates….

    And there are some really righteous guys too in Europe.

    Lets try and salvage the Polish from this grey-wimpy-commie-tired-set…

    We should look again at making good friends with THE CZECH REPUBLIC.

    People like that who appreciate their freedom still.

    You know I’d worry about the European Usurpers lack of legitimacy and lack of electoral mandate as being a precursor to aggression outside of their borders.

    But they are just SO tired….. and SO pathetic.

    We have nothing to learn from these people and the only benefit they have left for us comes from the idea that they may well be the best living MUSEUM the world has to offer.

    Its time to get TOUGH people. And leave old friends behind………… Except if they come to us. Except is they ask for help.


    November 3, 2006 at 5:00 pm

  3. Hear hear, Graeme. Ditch the Old World, embrace the New.

    Jason Soon

    November 3, 2006 at 5:16 pm

  4. Yeah.

    And I forgot about the Thailanders.

    We must help protect all those GORGEOUS Thai women.

    But the Thais could go either way. And the Taiwanese could lose heart.

    It is our job OUR-JOB!! to stiffen the resolve of the various defenders.

    Now the thing is this:

    If the choice is maintaining our non-security tax-eaters in the bludging they have become accustomed to…..


    The OTHER choice is AVOIDING the impending CATASTROPHIC WAR……

    Out of those two choices….

    Which one has to go?

    Which one has to go, not just for our sakes but for the sakes of the OVER-ACHEIVING mainlanders?

    Who were the over-acheivers in Europe (an over-acheiving continent) in the 1890’s?

    Who were the best-educated?

    The most cultured?

    And what did we deny them by not stopping them from WASTING all their SUPERIOR talents on war and those ridiculous dreams that fueled it.

    The mainlanders are (if WE do the right thing) carry on the great traditions forged by the West… And even if we are lucky become as existentially innovative as they were comparatively before the West took off again in the 1400’s.

    It is OUR DUTY not just for us…But for them as well… that we destroy any hopes, dreams and delusions that they can have any sort of overlordship extending beyond their borders.

    And we owe it too to those ethnic chinese that are as we speak being harvested for vital organs…….


    November 3, 2006 at 6:03 pm

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