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Bazza Mackenzie meets the old philosopher

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Checking the Rathouse statistics shows that there is a strange spike of readership for an old piece from the Uni of Sydney newspaper Honi Soit.

It is an account of the little-known meeting of Bazza Mackenzie and Karl Popper circa 1971. It is very “student newspaper” and very “1970s” so the notion of shooting through to Earle’s Court to pick up a decent Aussi sheila might be out of date. Still, for the young of heart, it might hold nostalgic memories of days gone by, hopefully misspent.

Reporter: Here we are Sir Karl. Mr McKenzie had a rather rough trip and he might not be on his best form today.

Bazza: Had a technicolour yawn on the way over but now I’ve got a thirst you could flamin’ photograph.

Reporter: Mr McKenzie, a word in your ear. What if you just drink and don’t bother about talking at lunch?

Bazza: Chug-a-lug, I’ll be in that mate. Don’t know why you guys bother with all that stuff anyway.

Reporter: As Lord Halifax used to say, the struggle for knowledge has a pleasure in it like that of wrestling with a fine woman.

Bazza: Give me a jam tart any day. Can’t wait to get down to Earl’s Court to see if there’s any decent sheilas around.

The Bazza Mackenzie piece appears with some more serious material on Barry Humphries, including some extracts from Peter Coleman’s biography and a review of his autobiography by George Melly, jazz singer, Humanist and cultural commentator. Also a piece sending up the politically correct cultural establishment and film-makers.

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