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IT Goddesses site attacked.

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Kim Sheree - Chief executive of ICT Ecosystems

The IT Goddesses calendar is still making news. Over the weekend, the site promoting the calendar reportedly suffered a Denial-of-Service attack.

Commenting on the attack to the SMH, project coordinator Sonja Bernhardt said:

“We welcome debate on the calendar and the issues it raises, but our opponents should allow people to decide for themselves in an open forum, not just try to knock us down,”

Ms Bernhardt and has also responded to the criticism of the project:

“One of messages we are trying to get across is that we are not a brain disembodied from our body. Through the use of parody we wanted to present the image of a fully functioning person with an amazing career and brain. We shouldn’t need to deny our femininity to be accepted,”

Ms bernhardt isn’t the only one involve din the project sticking up for it.

Kim Sheree, chief executive of ICT Ecosystems, who poses as Marilyn Monroe in the calendar, said she had received a lot of email from women around the world who were very supportive of the venture.

“We are now taking overwhelming number of requests from women who want to be in the calendar next year,” she said.
She also addressed those critics who say the venture simply promotes an image that one has to be beautiful to succeed in IT.

“Given that the age group of women in the calendar ranged from 25 to 60, incorporated five different nationalities, and featured women of all sizes and body shapes, I find that argument a bit of a stretch,” she said.”

Proving that controversy sells, the calendar has reportedly pre-sold over 2000 copies, “soundly beating expectations.” The proceeds are being direct to non-profit groups running initiatives to encourage women to pursue careers in IT.


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July 17, 2006 at 9:50 pm

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