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Malcolm Turnbull, fresh from opening a local playground, has circulated a “Small Business Survey” within his blue-ribbon Liberal seat of Wentworth. This survey happened to come across my desk, and in keeping with Catallaxy’s committment to good research, I’ve reproduced it here. What better way for local members to gauge the depth of public opinion than by presenting them with a list of Dorothy Dixers:

Please indicate which initiatives you think are the most important:

  • Disciplined economic management to keep our economy strong and interest rates low
  • The new WorkChoices system which provides small businesses with more flexibility in the way they empoy staff
  • Increasing the diminishing vlaue rate for depreciation from 150% to 200% fore eligible assets so that businesses can write off the cost of new plant and equipment quicker
  • Cutting business tax by inreacing the eligibility threshold for the Simplified Tax System to $2 million turnover while remving the $3million depreciating assets test
  • Improving the superannuation system an allowing the self-employed to claim a full deduction for their super contributions and recieve the Government’s co-contribution
  • 25 new Australian Technical Colleges in areas of skills need, the $800 Tools for Your Trade initiative and the 397,800 New Apprentices currently in training
  • Providing Government information and support to small business through

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July 17, 2006 at 9:55 am

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