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The Left's Tampa Part II

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The ALP burrows deeper and deeper into One Nation territory:

    FOREIGN truck drivers and farmhands could be brought to Australia as part of an overhaul of the guest-worker program designed to address chronic skills shortages.

    The Immigration Department is reviewing the system of classifying occupations covered by the skilled migration program and is under pressure from employer groups to open the program to semi-skilled workers.

    A foreign applicant must meet one of four skills levels listed by ASCO. The existing list excludes many semi-skilled workers that employers say are in short supply, including abattoir workers and general farmhands.

    The push comes after job vacancies jumped by a stronger-than-expected 7.3 per cent in the three months to May to a record high of 155,000, despite unemployment running at just 521,000.

    Opposition Leader Kim Beazley said he was not opposed to proper migration, but any attempt to bring in workers to drive down wages or take the jobs of Australian workers was “not on”.

    A spokesman said Labor would oppose any move by bosses to use the new industrial relations laws to remove existing staff and fill the positions with foreign workers. “The Labor Party takes the use of the temporary migration visas to drive down wages very seriously,” the spokesman said

So what is the ALP saying? It’s alright to bring in immigrants if they’re unemployable? Well, here is one fellow who won’t be ‘driving down wages and taking the job of an Australian worker’. The ALP’s idea of the model immigrant, I suppose.


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July 13, 2006 at 8:48 am

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