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Unions use fear of terrorism to justify trade barriers:

    Eighteen crew from the Stolt Australia were sacked last night, as part of a plan to reflag the tanker under a Cayman Islands flag, and hire cheaper, foreign labour.

    The group are still refusing to reload the vessel or leave it, vowing to stay on the ship until they get their jobs back …

    At a protest earlier today, spokesman Roy Muir said he and his colleagues hoped their actions would highlight the impact of Federal workplace changes on Australia’s shipping industry:

    “1996 there was 104 Australian-manned ships, now we’re down to less than half of that – if this one goes it’s just another one so – shame Johnny shame,” he said.

    Meanwhile, the Australian Maritime Union (AMU) says the practice of allowing more foreign shipping crews into Australia is a chink in the nation’s armour.

    AMU spokesman Mike Wickham says the disappearance of Australian-crewed ships from Australian waters is a worry.

    He says local crews have to go through rigorous security checks that many foreign crews do not, and that puts Australia at risk.

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July 11, 2006 at 4:03 pm

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