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Another silly online quiz?

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Via Glen Fuller’s blog I found this interesting ‘social values’ quiz which, according to the introduction is ‘a much shorter version of the standard one Environics uses to diagnose people’s values and tribal memberships, and so it has some (known) error surrounding it. However, it successfully classifies users into their proper tribes more than 7 times in 10, on average.’

In its classifications, it uses a lot of the jargon one comes across, strangely enough, in cultural studies and marketing literature. But to be fair it does seem a lot less silly than many of the online quizzes that are out there. It doesn’t take very long to do and according to my results I am an ‘Autonomous post-materialist’ which seems accurate enough. Description below for those who want to see what the typical results look like (the results also comes with one of those Cartesian graphs which I haven’t reproduced)

Incidence in Population

Proportion of Canadian population: 9 per cent
Proportion of Gen Xers: 25 per cent
Other Demographics

Higher than average proportion are students
Higher than average proportion are single

Fundamental Motivations

Personal Autonomy and Self-fulfillment

Key Values



Words to Live By

It’s my life

Do your own thing

Image is nothing

Dot-com millionaires (any of them)

Computer hacker Mafiaboy

Editor Richard Martineau

Animated character Bart Simpson

Steve Jobs

Basketball star Dennis Rodman

Tennis player Venus Williams

Animated character Eric Cartman

Shawn Fanning

Money Orientation

Making it: Freedom and personal satisfaction are my priorities.

Spending it: Experiences, not stuff.

Saving it: I’m testing the market so I can make my own decisions when the time comes.

Stealing it: From The Man, maybe, but not from regular people.

Giving it away: Medical charities.

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July 10, 2006 at 8:52 am

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