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Third Parties and Voting

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As an American Libertarian I have a bit of a conundrum when it comes time to vote. In most cases I’d probably prefer that the Libertarian cadidate win, if one is running. However, it’s usually unlikely that, even if I vote for said candidate, he or she will win.

If I simply want to vote my conscience, to vote for the candidate that best aligns with my political views, the decision is not difficult. However, when one considers that the result of my vote for a Libertarian might “steal” a vote from one of the major parties’ candidates, thus resulting in a win by my less-favorite of the two, things get more complicated.

Do I vote for the Libertarian anyway, and hope that the Republicans notice the loss of conservative votes to a Libertarian candidate? Or, do I vote for a Republican to preserve fiscal conservatism? If I’m too concerned with certain socially conservative views of the Republican, should I give up and vote for the Democrat candidate?

Obviously this is complicated by the candidates that are available, but in general, is it better to vote for (a) your true favorite or (b) the lesser of two “evils”?


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July 8, 2006 at 7:03 am

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