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Summary of the Hutt series

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There has been a request for a three or four sentence summary of my series of posts on trade union mythology and cognate issues.

1. Payment of workers should be related as much as possible to the productivity of individuals or work teams.

2. One of the important roles for trade unions is to cooperate with management to boost productivity by new technologies and improved work practices.

3. The function of trade union under the strike threat system has created a “bloody aristocracy” of labour at the expense of everyone else, including the working poor and the unemployed.

4. The minumum wage should be abolished, with tax and welfare changes in concert to maximise the incentives for people to get into paid work. Even the most menial work should be seen as a step on the pathway of learning and experience leading to better paid work.

5. The us vs them attitudes of the traditional labour movement and a number of myths and misrepresentations of history and political economy (shared by radicals and economically illiterate conservatives alike) create problems in moving to better systems and practices.

That is six sentences. There are issues of education and training which I have not tried to address (how much more did people want in this series of posts?) but I am well aware of them. In a 1971 article I identified a need for attention to technical training and pre-school education as well us the preparation for academic studies at universities. Do you think anyone took any notice?


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June 23, 2006 at 11:00 am

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