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The uber-libertarian right Lew Rockwell site, which is not averse to running conspiracy theories, is running loony left hero John Pilger’s rant about Australia’s part in the ‘coup’ in East Timor. In this narrative, Alkatiri is the ‘anti imperalist economic nationalist’ and the two socialists Gusmao and Horta are really shills of the Howard-US alliance.

Let’s see if this makes more sense – East Timor is going to be mendicant nation for a while because it was pushed into premature nationhood by an over-enthusiastic John Howard where the more pragmatic, realpolitik approach of the ALP spared us a big expense. And the recent troubles there are a function of the sort of incompetence that happens when revolutionaries become administrators in a country hung over from two former colonialisms with almost zero tradition of liberalism and where all the major political groupings are either Catholic or socialist and therefore not equipped with the sorts of outlooks to help a society cope properly in a modern, globalising world.

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June 22, 2006 at 5:06 pm

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