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Just a short admin note.

As long time readers know, some debate has raged over at Catallaxy over comments policy. It isn’t possible to please everyone – there are some regular commenters who feel that some other very prolific commenters should be moderated or banned altogether. I generally do not favour that approach. On the other side, today I received an email from a participant in this war who complained about his comments being pulled. Since this wasn’t my doing I presume it was Andrew’s.

And therein lies the resolution to this dilemma. Instead of a top down approach of putting the names of certain parties into a blacklist, let me remind readers and commenters (AND contributors) that each Catallaxy contributor has jurisdiction to moderate by, say, deleting whatever inflammatory comments they find in their posts. I will choose to exercise such discretion very rarely and other contributors have every right to exercise their discretion more frequently.

The respective voice and exit decisions of commenters on each thread will depend on the respective moderation policies of their blog writers. Andrew can be Massachusetts and I can be Texas. And there ends my memo.

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June 22, 2006 at 1:26 pm

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