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Time for another Stove vs Popper war?

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Razib reproduces the following passage by Australian philosopher David Stove (who has a strangely inexplicable cult following among some right wing circles here) from his book ‘Darwinian fairytales’:

I do deny that natural selection is going on within our species now, and that it ever went on in our species, at any of which anything is known. But I say nothing at all in the book about how our species came to be the kind of thing it is, or what kind of antecedents it evolved from. Such questions strike me, in fact, as overwhelmingly uninteresting: like questions (say) where the Toletcs came from, or the Hittites, and how they came. They came, like our species itself, from somewhere, and they came somewhow. The details do not matter, expect to specialists….

Razib is rightly unimpressed and minces no words in his assessment:

I think this is a good taste of the type of person David Stove is, at least judging by the subsequent 50 pages. First, not only does he deny the science, but it seems that on a fundamental level the science bores him. It seems anything beyond the sight of his armchair bores him …

Shorter Stove: My common sense say x, therefore x is true, Q.E.D.

Stoush away!

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June 7, 2006 at 3:24 pm

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