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The Opinionators

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Haven’t had much time to blog or even continue with my slow reading of Mad Freddy this week with work summits and tight deadlines all in the same week so here’s an interesting article by the Right Peter Saunders on new class politics for you to discuss amongst yourselves. This is the conclusion to the piece:

Lindsay Tanner thinks that graduates may be Labor’s new core voters. He is wrong. The graduates inclined to support Labor are those working in a specific slice of the arts, education and social professions. In the private sector, a university degree has no impact on voting patterns, and even in the public sector, its influence is limited to those I have identified as the opinionators.

The opinionators are a clearly distinct political stratum who stand out from every other section of the electorate. Not only do they vote for Labor (and the Greens) in much larger numbers than any other occupational group, but their political values and opinions are generally at variance with the way other groups are thinking. On nearly all the big issues of contemporary Australian political debate, they are out on a limb, whether it be support for Aboriginal land rights and asylum seekers, or opposition to tax cuts.

In terms of sheer voting strength, opinionators will never form a large enough group in the electorate to give Labor power. Indeed, given their relatively radical views, they may represent more of a hindrance than a help for the Party’s political ambitions, for given the chance they are likely to drag it further away from mainstream opinion and values. In terms of their wider ideological importance, however, the opinionators occupy many of the key positions within our core educational and cultural institutions. Their political significance should not be measured in votes.


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June 2, 2006 at 12:33 am

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