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Do you need a qualification to look after kids?

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Sydney University academic Patricia Apps doesn’t think much of the immigrant women commonly employed as nannies in the US.

“You can’t find one who has finished high school,” she said.

It was an “absolute disgrace” that the US had left responsibility for raising children to “unskilled and unmonitored nannies”, Professor Apps said.

Hard as it may be for a career woman like Professor Apps to believe, 99% of the people who have ever existed on this planet were raised by “unskilled and unmonitored” people who never finished high school, aka “Mum”‘, “‘Gran”, or “Aunty”. So far as I can tell, very few of them suffered dire consequences as a result.

I’m quite prepared to believe that there are tricks of the trade in looking after kids that it pays to know, but Apps’ line seems like absurd credential creep to me.


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May 17, 2006 at 9:25 am

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