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Prodos goes to Parliament?

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Just a short news item to draw to people’s attention to – long time Internet personality Prodos is standing for Liberal preselection in Richmond:

WITH his long hair, eccentric dress and personality to match Prodos Marinakis is not the average Liberal Party member.

A communist many years ago, Mr Marinakis says he is now a staunch capitalist. So much so that he has nominated for Liberal Party preselection.

But his bid to contest the safe Labor seat of Richmond at the November state election has hit a hurdle. Some within his own party feel he could be “a loose cannon” …

“Prodos is exactly what the party needs and the members will be really unhappy if he misses out on preselection,” one said. “Even though there is no way we can win Richmond, they won’t endorse him because they are afraid of what he might say.”

The Liberal Party did not return calls yesterday.

Mr Marinakis declined to comment on his preselection, saying it was against party rules. He said his focus was to “help get rid of the Bracks Government”.

Mr Marinakis said he was pro-abortion, supported the principle of gay marriage and thought global warming was a “falsehood”.

The part-time busker, internet radio host and fairytale author is unapologetic about his political past. “I am proud to have been a communist, but I am now supportive of my party and capitalism,” he said

Personally I think it would be good of the Liberal party to have a few principled albeit eccentric shit-stirrers who are not cut from the usual cloth of blue rinse bores and careerists representing it. And it would be a shame if the Liberal establishment is stonewalling him if he has the support of his local branch.

Update: More on the Liberal establishment’s attempts to smear Prodos here

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May 2, 2006 at 4:19 pm

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