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I get the sense that Noel Preston might doubt that people take him seriously. On his website biography it notes that “he was promoted on merit to the position of Associate Professor at QUT where from 1997 to 1999 he was Director of the Centre for the Study of Ethics” (emphasis added). If you read his recent piece posted on Online Opinion you’ll see why we need reassuring that Preston could indeed be appointed to an academic position on “merit”:

At the outset of this new millennium, as citizens of a global village, or as bio-components of this planetary organism, Gaia, our generation of homo sapiens, can reflect more accurately than our predecessors on the story of life, the magnificence of spaceship Earth and the wonder of the universe. … Until recently, life on Earth flourished, but in my lifetime the level of damage done to a system that has been almost five billion years in the making gives us cause to reconsider the most important ethical question: how ought we live with the Earth?

My sensitivity to this question has been enriched as I have aged. Conversations with my wife, Coralie, whose interest in astronomy and bird-watching along with a deep commitment to eco-feminism, have enriched my understanding. Times of serious illness have generated the potent insight that my individual and embodied self is but part of a greater whole. …Healing times in rainforests, at the beach or with the humpback whales, together with reading an emerging body of literature around environmental ethics and eco-spirituality have expanded my worldview and theology. ….

And I thought Clive Hamilton’s midlife crisis had dire intellectual results.

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May 2, 2006 at 9:31 pm

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