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Galbraith RIP

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One of the most widely read but misleading writers on economics of all times has died. Should he be called an economist? Discuss.

Peter Boettke has an interesting post on Galbraith, including his recollection of dinner with Galbraith.

It was an amazing evening and it was one of the important moments which taught me that you cannot divide the world neatly into those who are stupid, those who are evil, and those who agree with me. Instead the world is full of charming, brilliant, and good hearted individuals who just happen to hold opinions opposite of the ones I do. Understanding results from delving into those reasons for differing opinions without succumbing to the cheap tricks of attributing disagreement to bad motives and to lack of intelligence among opponents.

BTW, my very first professional paper in economics (first written in 1984, but published in 1989) was inspired by reading Galbraith and attempting to negotiate between Galbraith and the institutionalists on the one hand, and the Austrians on the other.

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April 30, 2006 at 6:06 pm

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