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V for Vendetta

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Steve Sailer gives V for Vendetta the thumbs down in his inimitable style (I’m still going to see it, though):

“V for Vendetta” started out in the 1980s as a “graphic novel” (an expensive, pretentious comic book) by Alan Moore (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) about how Margaret Thatcher would turn England into a totalitarian dystopia by 1997. Well, that didn’t exactly happen, so now the Wachowskis have rewritten it as a post-9/11 fable implying that President Chimpy McHitlerBushton will crush all dissent Real Soon Now. Personally, I’d rather endure a Bush press conference than see this movie again …

In “V for Vendetta,” the Big Brother tyrant ranting about unity and security from a vast video screen is played by John Hurt (“Alien”). An ambitious, deeply religious Conservative politician, he had imposed martial law in the wake of a terrorist virus attack, putting society under the thumb of fanatical Church of England bishops. (According to Google, the phrase “fanatical Church of England bishops” has never been seen before.) The government dispatched all Muslims and homosexuals to concentration camps (although the film forgets to mention how these two victimized minorities got along on the inside).

I have to admit, I don’t recall being that impressed by the comic book, partly because, as Sailer notes, it is very dated and too tied to the politics of the time while the perennial themes in it aren’t really tackled in a particularly groundbreaking way. The Watchmen, on the other hand, …

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