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Classical liberalism, transfers and transparency

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Charles Murray has come up with a new plan to end the welfare state – just give each citizen $10,000 a year when they turn 21 – end of story.

Quote of the day from the interview with Murray:

Lopez: Under your plan, recent college grads would have incentive to bum around, wouldn’t they? The government would give them money to do nothing. Get a couple of bums with some guaranteed income and you’ve got a government disincentive to be productive, don’t you?

Murray: I think it would be a great boon to the maturity of our new college grads, and save many innocent people from going to law school, if more of them took a few years after college and did something besides heading straight to grad school or throwing themselves into their careers

As a victim of Law School, I can only say amen to that!

Incidentally, this sort of idea and Friedman’s negative income tax idea fits in very well with a recent comment of Will Wilkinson’s :

The cause of classical liberalism as a really existing possibility for political reform has been harmed by bundling free markets with a ban on transfers. This package deal has influenced people who think justice requires transfers to eschew free markets. If we had spent the last forty years hammering away at liberal fundamentals like transparency and generality instead of the natural right to not be taxed, our society would now be closer to the free market, limited government ideal.


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March 29, 2006 at 8:15 am

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