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Science's enemies on the Right

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It’s absolutely disgraceful that the Heritage Foundation has taken to promoting the farrago of nonsense that is Tom Bethell’s latest book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science. Perhaps the ‘Incorrect Guide to Science’ would be a more accurate title if this brief precis on Amazon is anything to go by:

Throughout the book, Bethell makes questionable claims about subjects as varied as AIDS (“careful U.S. studies had already shown that at least a thousand sexual contacts are needed to achieve heterosexual transmission of the virus”) and extinction (“It is not possible definitely to attribute any given extinction to human activity”), and backs up his arguments with references to the music magazine SPIN and thriller-writer Michael Crichton.

If there are any reputable scholars left in Heritage, they should be kicking up a fuss about this travesty of its reputation. Here is a review of Bethell’s book on the CSICOP website.

It’s also fascinating that according to the Heritage promo, ‘Darwinism’ is seen as a tool to advance a ‘leftist’ agenda. In fact it was in the past and still is accused of doing quite the opposite. In recent times, only Peter Singer has risen to the challenge of proposing a left Darwinist agenda.


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March 8, 2006 at 11:42 am

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