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Who says East Asians are the most testing-obsessive people on earth? I have to confess though, I do admire the unashamed inegalitaranism (in practice) and competitiveness of Manhattanites:

On a night last fall, a 4-year-old stayed up 45 minutes past his bedtime — and it almost changed his life forever.

The next morning, the boy was scheduled to take the independent-schools standardized admissions test, a full-bore IQ test known colloquially as the ERB. But his parents, Cynthia and David, had gone out the previous night and forgotten to tell their baby-sitter to have their son in bed by 7:30. He went to sleep at 8:15.

They may have forgotten because they had little reason to be concerned. They already had a daughter at one of the city’s top girls’ schools. And both parents had attended Manhattan private schools themselves. They thought the knew the ropes. Besides, they believed their son Andrew* was a very smart little boy.

“I thought I’d have a choice of schools,” Cynthia says. “He was a bright penny. He caught things quickly. You could see the wheels were spinning.”

But when he arrived at the offices of the Educational Records Bureau on East 42nd Street, Andrew wasn’t exhibiting his normal sparkle. “It makes a difference,” his mother insists. “He’s an early riser.”

Cynthia began to worry as soon as his examiner led him off to the testing room. “I just had a bad feeling, and sure enough the tester comes out and says, ‘I think you’ve got a tired little boy,’ ” she remembers. “My heart sank. It was just awful. I could have kicked myself. How could I blow it like that? The results proved me right. He didn’t even pick up his pencil to do the mazes, and the tester noted this. His scores were very skewed. He did well on the verbal and abysmal on the mazes.”

Link via the always interesting (and at times smart-arsed) Steve Sailer who writes about this:

The typical white intellectual considers himself superior to ordinary white folks for two contradictory reasons. First, he constantly proclaims his belief in human equality, but they don’t. Second, he believes that he has a high IQ, but they don’t.

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March 4, 2006 at 1:37 pm

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