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The streets of Mittagong

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Street names can be remarkably interesting as they tend to reflect the interests of the local council at the time. Some are not overly imaginative, like the Railway Street or Parade in every suburb with a railway line. Sometimes you strike a series named First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue etc.

Cricket lovers are pleased to note streets named after Boyle, Bannerman, Spofforth and Murdoch in Cremorne (Sydney). Ermington did better with a cluster of streets naming those four players and several others from the same vintage.

There is a street on the old army base in Mosman named after the destination of the force that went to the Sudan to rescue General Gordon at Khartoum (Suakin), there are clusters of Great War and World War 2 names. And so it goes.

Turning to Mittagong, gateway to the Southern Highlands and the aspiring Book Triangle of the Southern Hemisphere we find:

Bong Bong Road (no comment)
Inkerman Road, Balaclava Road, Cardigan Street and Crimea Street.
Camelia Place and Conifer Place (juxtaposed).
Oxley and Murchison Streets (explorer and sponsor of explorers)
But the streets that started all this:
Lyell, Dalton, Davey, Priestley, Cavendish, Tyndall, Huxley ( scientists), plus Bessemer, refiner of pig iron.


Feel free to make short comments on your favorite street names.

Comments longer than one para are unlikely to be read by me.


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