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Marvel's civil war

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The latest comics news finds its way into the SMH today. I’ve been reading about this upcoming series for some time and am looking forward to it:

Current real-world political issues will be woven into the lives of the heroes of Marvel Comics in Civil War, a seven-issue limited monthly series set to begin in May. In the series, the beliefs of many Marvel characters, including Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Spider-Man, will be challenged.

Marvel will also publish a related series, beginning in June, that is to appear biweekly. That series will be titled Civil War: Front Line …

The story opens with a reckless fight between a novice group of heroes (filming a reality television show) and a cadre of villains. The battle becomes, quite literally, explosive, killing some of the superheroes and many innocent bystanders. That crystallises a government movement to register all super-powered beings as living weapons of mass destruction.

The subsequent Registration Act will divide the heroes into two camps, one led by Captain America, the other by Iron Man. Along the way, Marvel will unveil its version of Guantanamo Bay, enemy combatants, embedded reporters and more. The question at the heart of the series is a fundamental one: “Would you give up your civil liberties to feel safer in the world?” …

As deeply entangled in current US politics as the new Marvel series seem, Civil War and the accompanying Front Line series won’t be written by Americans. Mark Millar, a popular comics writer who is Scottish and lives in Glasgow, is writing Civil War; Paul Jenkins, a British writer who lives in Atlanta, is writing Front Line.

Millar says the nature of the story – a crossover event with plot strands weaving through multiple Marvel titles – meant a lot of co-ordination with other writers to make sure events and characters lined up properly. He says the story will cause a “seismic shift” in the Marvel heroes: “Before the civil war, the Marvel universe was a certain way. After the civil war, the heroes are employed by the government.” But don’t think that gives away the ending. “Some people refuse to do it,” he says, “and those guys are performing an illegal act by doing so.”

Since Iron Man’s alter ego, Tony Stark is a Republican and the very embodiment of the military-industrial complex whereas Captain America is a Roosevelt Democrat who came out of suspended animation, I’m guessing Iron Man is going to be on the pro-registration side and Captain America is going to turn outlaw. This is going to make for some interesting plot developments.


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February 25, 2006 at 8:39 am

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