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David Irving sent to jail for thought crimes :

An Austrian court has sentenced British historian David Irving to three years in prison for denying the Holocaust during a 1989 stopover in Austria, dismissing his argument that he had changed his views.

Irving pleaded guilty, hoping for a suspended sentence, but the Vienna criminal court concluded he was only making a pretence of acknowledging Nazi Germany’s genocide against Jews in order to escape a jail term.

The regret he showed was considered to be mere lip service to the law.”

Irving, 67, said he was shocked by the sentence handed down by three judges and eight lay jurors and lodged an immediate appeal.

His lawyer Elmar Kresbach said that even if Irving lost the appeal, he was likely to serve a maximum 1-1/2 to two years because of his age and status as a first-time offender.

Have the Austrian courts perfected some hitherto unheard of mindreading device?

But anyway, that’s beside the point. This is exactly the sort of decision that encourages sympathy for the devil. The man is 67 years old. He’s not going to change his thinking anytime soon. If there are concerns that Irving is instigating specific acts of violence by his speechmaking, then this should be demonstrated in courts and he should be legitimately punished for that. But sending a 67 year old man to jail for three years (alright, so maybe 1.5 to 2 years max) for thinking the wrong thing is just wrong, however much of an ass he may be.

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February 21, 2006 at 7:04 am

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