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A mother's love is blind

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Like everyone else, the mother of the man who drove into a group of Mildura teenagers at the weekend, killing six, is appalled by what has happened. “If I could die right now and bring them back I would gladly do it,” she said. But:

She also said the accident was out of character: “He was a very nice, quiet person. A lovely boy.”

And what else has her “lovely boy” been up to?

Towle has appeared in court at least eight times since 1992 for driving while disqualified. He was released from prison three months ago after serving an 18-month sentence for a firearms-related offence. He has also faced charges of burglary, criminal damage, theft and possession of amphetamines. Oh, and:

A police incident fact sheet compiled immediately after the accident is believed to say that Thomas Towle’s son Thomas, 4, was sitting on Towle’s lap at the time.

The only even slightly positive thing to come out of this tragedy is that Towle will spend so long in jail that he probably won’t be able to add to the five kids he has apparently already fathered, creating the social problems of tomorrow.


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February 21, 2006 at 6:04 am

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