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Hilary Clinton: Buchananite

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Some disappointing news from the US:

Clinton proposed a “grand bargain” for the US car industry, part of which would involve US taxpayers relieving companies of some of their healthcare and pension liabilities, although by how much was unclear.

“We want to relieve you of these burdens you are carrying because you did the responsible thing,” Clinton says. “You offered healthcare to your people, you worked co-operatively with your union, and now you’re being put at a disadvantage because you provide healthcare and you take care of retirees.

“We need to say we’re going to help you meet that burden. We need to stand and say we want an automobile manufacturing industry in America.”

Clinton says: “It’s not just in auto, it’s across the board … we compete with companies in countries like China, increasingly India, and elsewhere who pay low wages and have few, if any, benefits, and even use labour that is coerced. In China in particular.

“We can have a real debate about how to fix the healthcare system. And an honest conversation about how to protect our workers from unfair trading practices by other countries.


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February 13, 2006 at 12:05 pm

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