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Hi all,

Crikey is a wonderful Australian institution. I was recently filling out the on line form inviting me to convert from being a ‘squatter’ to a subscriber when I read that there are bulk discounts.

As a result I posted invitations to bloggers to subscribe on a weblog from the centre and the left.

Before closing submissions, it seemed appropriate to invite those on the right (Tim Blair’s views notwithstanding) to join in.

  • 3-5 annual subscriptions: $70 each – save 30%
  • 6-9 annual subscriptions: $60 each – save 40%
  • 10-20 annual subscriptions: $50 each – save 50%
  • 20-49 annual subscriptions: $40 each – save 60%
  • 50+ annual subscriptions: $35 each – save 65%
  • We look pretty safe for 10 subscriptions, so sing out if you’d like to sign up for $50. Please post below and email me on nicholas AT gruen DOT com DOT au if you’re interested. I’ll try to get things going next week.


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    February 10, 2006 at 9:48 pm

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