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From cartoons to comics

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An enterprising fellow has decided to launch a series of comics depicting heroes powered by positive Islamic qualities to compete with people using a similar approach to recruit children to join the holy war against Israel.

To shock investors into action, Al-Mutawa would pull from his pocket an article about a Hamas supporter in the Palestinian territories who was making millions selling a children’s album with stick-on pictures of suicide bombers and other bloody scenes from the intifada. Something more positive was needed, Al-Mutawa argued in his sales pitch, to save the children from embracing a culture of violence and death.

Making millions? What currency is he talking about?

Al-Mutawa describes himself as a “junkie” who grew up on Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys adventure novels, in the absence of appealing Arab alternatives. Now his enthusiasm for his own pan-Islamic brand name, “The 99,” knows no bounds. Al-Mutawa, chief executive of Teshkeel Comics, also became the distributor of Marvel Comics in the Arab world. A father of four sons younger than 9, he said he wanted to preserve what was precious in his culture for his own children.

Best of British luck if he can undermine the fanaticism and destructiveness of radical Islam with positive and secular role models.


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February 9, 2006 at 7:00 am

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