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What happened to the doctors' wives?

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Back in the 2004 election campaign there was brief interest in the views of doctors’ wives:

a group of women, “from comfortable families created by high-income husbands”, who are angry over the commitment to the Iraq war.

I’m not sure how they voted (and with the Social Science Data Archive’s dysfunctional “upgrade” not working yet again I can’t check), but thanks to the AEC’s funding disclosures we can see that few of them were pulling their kids out of private schools or postponing that next trip to Europe to support financially the most consistently anti-war and pro-fashionable causes party, the Greens.

Potential doctors wives are hard to find in the lists of Green donors of $1,500 or more. Ruth Greble of Western Australia, a veteran supporter of political campaigns if Google is a guide, kicked in $82,000. Dee Margetts donated $8,000, perhaps from her parliamentary pension. A Joyce Risstrom of Balwyn North put in $5,000, but I suspect this is more a case of candidate’s mother than doctor’s wife.

But the list of donors to the NSW Greens did include a name I think the media have missed, one ‘J Valder’ of Bayview. Could this be John Valder, a former Liberal Party president reduced to mad ramblings by his hatred for Howard?

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February 4, 2006 at 9:42 am

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