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The flip-flopping case against private schools

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Talking of inconsistency, the public school lobby is having trouble getting its lines straight. It wasn’t so long ago that the NSW Teachers Federation was contemplating another High Court challenge to government funding of religious schools. They were seizing on this statement by Catholic employers:

Principals and those in leadership positions within a Catholic school community are required to uphold the mission of the Catholic Church and to build the faith community

as evidence of a breach of section 116 of the Constitution, preventing the establishment of a religion.

But in the SMH this morning current public school teacher but former president of both the NSW Teachers Federation and the Australian Education Union Denis Fitzgerald is confusing the argument:

Initially established to foster religious belief, religious schools have been unsuccessful in this aim, despite the significant expansion of taxpayer-funded resources. As the Herald reported last week, the Pope has stated that mainstream Christianity was dying more quickly in Australia than in any other country. This is despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that we have the world’s largest publicly funded private school system.

So it seems that religious schools are not establishing a religion – perhaps they are even helping reduce religious belief.

Fuelled by religious and class bigotry, the public school lobby will say anything in their campaign against private schools. Is it any wonder that people are deserting government schools out of concern about what values the kids are being taught?


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January 25, 2006 at 7:57 pm

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