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Now, let me see if I can follow the luvvy logic. The British violinist Nigel Kennedy, who has an Australian father, has abandoned plans to become an Australian citizen because of Australia’s involvement in Iraq. He

had decided against it “now that they’d sent another thousand troops over to Iraq”. The British citizen, who lives in Poland, said: “I thought maybe it would be good to have a passport from a country that was slightly less aggressive on the world scene, but now they’ve done it as well. The big majority [in Australia] think the war is the wrong thing to be doing, and still the Government is sending soldiers there.”

The possibilities:

1) Kennedy doesn’t want to be criticised for being a citizen of an aggressive country. Yet insisting that he was an Australian would still put him in a better position than he is now. After all, Britain’s role in the Iraq conflict is much larger than Australia’s, and with the American President too tongue-tied to make an articulate case for the original invasion British PM Tony Blair was left to carry the case outside the US. Australia was only there because of alliance politics. And in any case, he is rather stuck with the problem that his country of citizenship (Britain), his country of residence (Poland) and his country of maybe-I-will-maybe-I-won’t citizenship (Australia) were all part of the alliance against Saddam.

2) The Australian government will be punished for its involvement in Iraq by Kennedy not becoming a citizen. Given the vanity of some luvvies we can’t entirely rule this one out. But it seems unlikely that the Australian government would be upset by not having as a citizen somebody who will vote against them.

3) The Australian people will be punished by Kennedy not becoming a citizen and they will vote against the government. But he is here on tour anyway, so who cares which country he is a citizen of? And we can just buy his CDs anyway, if we like his music.

4) Kennedy is seeking publicity, especially as he wants to sell tickets to concerts in his upcoming nationwide tour. Like Halliburton, he is a war profiteer taking advantage of the Iraq conflict.

Luvvy thinking on politics does tend to be rather muddled so perhaps we should not leap to (4) as the explanation. But on logic alone it looks like the best option.

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January 18, 2006 at 7:02 am

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