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Desalination Plant

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It is currently pouring with rain in Sydney, as indeed, it has been all week. As I write this, the light outside my office has dimmed to near darkness, and buckets of rain are pelting the glass. Amidst this tumult, a colleague pithily adds “It’s times like this where you really need a desalination plant”. With yet another report, this one by the then head of Sydney Water, Greg Robinson, condemning the desalination plant in Sydney as entirely irrational, I thought this remark was on the money.

The disaster that is the NSW Labor party is reintroducing shark patrols (notwithstanding that the odds of a fatal shark attack are around 1 in 20 million, and there hasn’t been one on a Sydney beach since the 1930’s), and the NSW Libs are condemning the latest figures that the average NSW inmate spends an hour longer in a cell than his/her inter-state counterpart while at the same time condemning the government for not ‘getting tough on “ethnic” crime’.

Here’s an idea. Suck all the sharks into the desalination plant, and have the “ethnic” prisoners run the show. Politics has never been less rational and a government (and opposition!) so unbearably stupid as the current nightmare that is NSW policy making. David Brent is writing Labor policy, Monty Python is preparing Liberal policy, and the lunatics are running the asylum.


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January 17, 2006 at 11:19 am

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