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Famous Relatives – Gift or Curse?

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Sometimes, having a famous and well known uncle can really help your career, especially in the entertainment industry.

Not so apparently for aspiring model and singer Wafah Dufour, who will shortly appear on the cover of GQ magazine looking something like this…

Wafah Dufour

But then Wafah is in an interesting situation. Born in the US and holding an American passport, Wafah was, until four years ago, known as Wafah bin Ladin. That was when her uncle Osama became a household name as the mastermind behind 9/11 and Wafah realised that ‘bin Ladin’ (or Laden) was probably not a name that was going to sell a lot of records in the US.

Now Wafah Dufour is doing an interview and cover photo for GQ in an attempt to boost her career. Apparently it’s not easy being the sexy bin Ladin.


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December 23, 2005 at 3:56 pm

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