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After a long break from blogging due to lack of time (work commitments and then a new baby in the house) , I’m hopeful I will now be able to return to Catallaxy, if only to make occasional short posts. I still have the same pressures on my time, but thanks to the wonders of 3G technology, I can turn that previously ‘offline’ time on Cityrail, into blogging time.

For those interested in such things, I’ve signed up for a 3 ‘NetConnect’ card. Whilst the speed is nothing like fixed broadband (I have 1.5Mbps DSL at home), the service is fast enough for emailing and web browsing. Truly mobile broadband still has a way to go before it’s in the same affordability league as fixed broadband. However 3’s latest plans on offer to it’s mobile phone subscribers is starting to make it a more realistic option. It’s entry level pricing of $29 per month for 200MB even challenges Telstra BigPond’s DSL plan ($29.95 256kbps 200MB), suggesting that fixed to mobile substitution isn’t just a threat to the voice offerings of the fixed line telcos, it’s also a threat to their broadband offerings as well.


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December 14, 2005 at 8:30 am

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