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Pogroms in Sydney

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I am almost lost for words at the recent shameful eruptions of thuggery in Cronulla, because there’s no other way to describe it, even if it was initially instigated by thuggery from ‘outsiders’ (and when the hell is one ‘outsider’ responsible for the actions of other outsiders anyway?) Are we living in Tsarist Russia where peasants with pitchforks chase Jews down the street? Because that was my impression on reading the papers this morning.

The denizens of Cronulla do not even have the excuse of poverty and deprivation for their actions. The infamy of disgrace will be heavier on them than on the people of Macquarie Fields. Obviously Australia is a land of opportunity if people of such low intelligence can live in such an affluent suburb. But they have got their message through. I would sooner be struck down by lightning than ever set foot in one of those sun-addled, inbred, god forsaken suburbs lost in reveries of tribalism. They can go fry their brains on their beloved beach to their hearts’ content for all I care.

Update: It looks like the notorious Jim Saleam has made the Cronulla riots an opportunity for a fresh return to political life as he was there yesterday distributing hate literature in his new capacity as NSW Secretary of Australia First. One wonders what might have happened if one of his new friends had asked him what his surname was?

Update II
I didn’t want this short comment by Amir Butler to get lost in the thread so I’m reproducing it here:

I think the genie is out of the bottle now. At around 8pm, a car pulled up at the front of the Lakemba mosque (as people were leaving after the evening prayer) and some youths yelled that everyone was going to die and that they would bomb the mosque tonight. It’s probably just bluster and nothing to worry about. However, as a result, people called people and there are now thousands of mostly young Muslim men at the mosque and around 40 police cars who are blocking all road entrances. At the same time, there are SMSs going around that the Bra Boys (who I understand are a gang of surfies) are heading down to Lakemba Mosque tonight. There are also rumours spreading, via email and SMS, that a Muslim woman has been murdered in Cronulla. This is, I hope, untrue but it is exactly these sorts of rumours that are going to fuel what I fear will be a massive amount of violence.

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December 12, 2005 at 8:01 am

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