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Hey Ho Let's Go! — David Cameron takes the leadership

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Britain’s Conservative Party has a new leader — the 39 year old David Cameron. The consensus is that Cameron is a slick campaigner but isn’t big on substance. That’s a good thing says Simon Jenkins of the Guardian. If you want to win an election, he says, you don’t hit the voters "with 12 things wrong with the economy", instead you "Show vision in general, not policy in particular."

What everyone in the British media seems to find refreshing, is that Cameron admits that the whole business is a game. For five years candidate Cameron has been chatting with Guardian readers in a regular column. He kicked off with the Joey Ramone theory of political campaigning:

The genius of the Ramones was that their songs, like Rockaway Beach or Sheena is a Punk Rocker, were incredibly short and almost unbelievably repetitive. Verses were out, perpetual choruses were in. In most tracks three chords were seen as unnecessary; two would do. Once you could hum one tune (if tune is the right word, which it isn’t), you could hum them all.

Similarly, the secret of effective political communication is to find the right tune and then repeat it endlessly until the message is driven home.

So as we grind on towards the next campaign, nobody can say they weren’t warned. If I was a British political journalists I’d wanna be sedated.

Oh yeah… and I love the Ramones too.

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December 7, 2005 at 8:41 pm

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