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On Troppo Nicholas Gruen maintains the rage against silly regulations and on Conjectures and Refutations he fights the good fight for Hegel’s begels against Popper’s whoppers.

On Oysterium I continue meditating on Talcott Parsons (Talcott who…..?)

On Liberal England Jonathan Calder talks about the plan to allow British public servants to retire at 60 while others will be allowed to work to 67 to pay their pensions.

And this is the blog of a student whose letter of application for a job with a youth newspaper was rejected on the ground that young people don’t write like that. The survey of seating in the lecture theatres is interesting.

The author of the Sydney Spy blog is a little put out that Brian Penton anticipated the name with his daily column in the 1930s – ” the Sydney Spy, in which he ranged across a wide spectrum of issues, on all of which he had definite opinions: censorship, religion, education, journalism, music, literature, popular culture, feminism, the Aborigines, nationality and nationalism, democracy, ethics, and the implications of relativity and quantum physics, to name the most frequent. The menu was surprisingly intellectual for the Sydney Telegraph as it then was — a cheerfully unpretentious broadsheet with a reputation for innovative graphic design and a strong interest in Hollywood and sport. Accordingly, Penton leavened the mix with occasional celebrity interviews — people like Krishnamurti, Jack Davey, Major Douglas and Harold Larwood.”


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