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Votes and Television

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Roy Morgan has just released a report on what television shows Labor and Coalition voters prefer. Unsurprisingly, Coalition voters turn to Channel Nine for their “news” (translate: current affairs equivalent of an acid enema), whereas Labor voters prefer Auntie (or SBS):

Labor supporters are more likely to watch ABC Current Affairs programmes, The 7:30 Report , Foreign Correspondent , Four Corners , Insiders, and Lateline than Coalition supporters. The 7:30 Report has an audience made up of 41% ALP supporters (3% above average) and 36% L-NP supporters (3% below average). Foreign Correspondent ’s audience is 40% ALP (2% above average) and 34% L-NP (5% below average), while Four Corners has 41% ALP supporters in its audience (3% above average) and 33% L-NP supporters (6% below average). The Insiders and Lateline audiences are more polarised. Insiders has a 46% ALP audience (8% higher than the general population) and a 30% L-NP audience (9% below the general population). Lateline’s audience is 45% ALP (7% higher) and only 29% L-NP (a substantial 10% lower).

Channel Nine’s Current Affairs programmes: 60 Minutes , A Current Affair , Sunday and Business Sunday have an above average number of L-NP supporters in their audience. The Sunday programme has more L-NP supporters (42%, 3% above average) but an ALP viewership consistent with the general population (38%). However Business Sunday which directly precedes it, has a strongly L-NP audience with more than half the audience supporting the Coalition (51%, 12% above average). Business Sunday ’s audience is 33% ALP, (5% below the general population). A Current Affair and 60 Minutes have a higher than usual L-NP supporting audience both at 46%, (7% above the general population), ALP support in their audiences is 1% and 2% below average respectively.

Just so you don’t think I am unduly prejudiced against Coalition twits, Labor party supporters are statistically more likely to watch soap operas. Home and Away, Neighbours, The Bold and the Beautiful and other equally execrable soaps were preferred by Labor party voters. Labor voters are also fans of Big Brother (I need say no more). I was comfortably smug however, that Coalition voters were big fans of Dancing with the Stars.

Conclusion? I feel more and more like Alceste with every passing day.

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November 29, 2005 at 3:29 pm

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