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The magic and mystery of markets

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A marketing ploy in Finland has created a strange new market in unlabelled bottles of Pepsi.

The man is lugging hundreds (yes, hundreds) of large bottles of Pepsi Max out of the supermarket on a trolley and then selling them on via the Internet at half the price he paid for them.

The reason for the hoarding and the resale market is that marketing campaign and competition referred to above. Hartwall offered as its main prize a Sony Vaio notebook computer worth EUR 2,000.
Campaign bottles and cups of Pepsi Max come with a code written into the label, which can be exchanged for points on an online bourse. One bottle is worth one point. Anyone collecting a thousand points can claim a notebook computer, and for instance 300 points will get you a 20Gb Sony MP3 player.
The Internet trade is not in individual bottles, but the minimum purchase could for instance be set at 50 bottles, or seventy-five litres. Some cola-traders have the added sales edge of offering home delivery.
Other people are in the market to buy labels. These are valued at 50-70 cents each.


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November 28, 2005 at 6:34 am

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