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Just a short note on comments policy. Unlike Andrew I am a softie and run a close to open slather policy regarding approving non-spam comments, no matter how robust the language or tangential the argument, as long as there is one. Think of Andrew as the John Howard of comments approval policy and me as the libertarian nut who’ll never get elected PM.

I’d even approve comments that are strongly uncomplimentary about myself. Regular readers might recall the stoush I had with an extra from Deliverance almost a year ago now (who is now a regular commenter at Majority Rights where he belongs more happily) where I did warn the fellow I would clamp down on him if he got more off-topic and abusive but never actually did before he decided to sulk off himself.

However there is one area where I have to draw the line I’m afraid – comments that are strongly uncomplimentary about other people (even those whose work I don’t like) where the comment could reasonably be construed as defamatory. Technically as the publisher of the comment I’d be leaving my ass open to a lawsuit if I allowed such comments (though I suppose you could argue that strictly speaking c8to is the real ‘publisher’ since he owns the domain name, he’s a student and therefore penniless and the attention would shift back to me). So be as robust as you wish in your commenting, but try not to be defamatory or I will not be able to approve your comment, which would in itself be a source of disutility to me.


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November 13, 2005 at 10:11 pm

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