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Using social science to sell sex?

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It can’t be easy trying to establish brand recognition as a condom manufacturer. Even mentioning the product in some settings could trigger complaints. But Durex has found a way to get around this problem. They conduct the global Durex sex survey, which compares sexual habits and practices around the world, and which the media happily reports, under the guise of social- science-like news.

Durex’s survey, however, would not pass Mark Bahnisch’s test of opinion poll soundness. It is a poll of visitors to Durex’s website, which just about guarantees that it is not a representative sample. Indeed, it is a little surprising that Mark’s conservative equivalents have not been out complaining about this survey, since it suggests that Australian culture is more sexualised than relatively reliable surveys such as the <a href+Australian Study of Health and Relationships find to be the case.

For example:

* Durex says Australians have had an average of 13.3 partners over their lives. ASHR says the mean is 6.5, with a median of 3
* Durex says 22% of Australians have had a homosexual experience. ASHR says 9.6%.
* Durex says Australians have sex an average of 108 times a year. ASHR says 96.

Perhaps because Durex’s sample have been so busy, only 44% agreed with the statement ‘I wish I had sex more frequently’, compared to 85% of men and 69% of women in the ASHR expressing a preference for more sex than they in fact have.

Conclusion: A good gimmick for Durex. But as a measure of sexual activity or attitudes, it’s a dud.

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November 9, 2005 at 8:40 pm

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