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Coalition does the Opposition's job

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That’s the title of Louise Dodson’s commentary and here’s the evidence:

Liberal MPs are pushing the Federal Government to not proceed with the sedition provisions of both the new anti-terrorism legislation and the Crimes Act.

The backbenchers who have been pressing for changes include Petro Georgiou, George Brandis, Malcolm Turnbull and Marise Payne.

A barrister before becoming a politician, Senator Brandis told a special Coalition party meeting held on Thursday to consider the anti-terrorism legislation that the sedition laws were “obsolete, dating from Elizabethan times” and “should be off the law books, entirely”.

By contrast, according to Dodson:

At one stage Kim Beazley said he wanted the terrorism laws to go further than the Government’s plans by amending the sedition provisions to ban incitement on religious or racial grounds.

He then wanted to lock in the Labor caucus to supporting the Government’s legislation even before they knew what it was.

There was deeply felt opposition within caucus to this – including on his front bench. Beazley was forced to back down and the party agreed to a call for tough national security laws with strong safeguards for individual liberties.

So much for Big Kim, long time Defence establishment try-hard , and consistent cheerleader for the Welfare/Warfare/National Security state.

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November 5, 2005 at 8:10 am

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