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Support for IR Reform

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Richard Blandy is not a household word but a few years ago he came to notice in a small way when he supported some liberal reforms at time when the dominant tone of commentary was hatespeak of a rather revolting kind.

He has made another helpful contribution to the debate with an op ed in The Australian.

Until the past quarter of a century, a liberal democratic model, a social democratic model and a communist (Marxist-Leninist) model of how liberty, equality and fraternity should be achieved have each possessed considerable political momentum.

The communist (Marxist-Leninist) model was abandoned by China, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the 1980s. The democratic socialist model is now under siege in the European Union from the combined impacts of globalisation, European Union enlargement and the evident economic success of “le modele Anglo Saxon” in recent times.

The remarkable improvement of economic outcomes in East Asian countries (most notably China) appears to be associated with the adoption of elements of the liberal democratic model, particularly capitalist, competitive free markets.

Bill Kelty, secretary of the ACTU, said in evidence to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission in 1990: “[We must] create a new wages system … involving … a diminution in the authority of bodies such as the ACTU; bodies such as the conciliation and arbitration systems of Australia, as more and more is done where more and more has to be done, and that is in the workplaces of this country.”

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