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The line about ‘well-funded right-wing think-tanks’ will make me laugh even louder after this report from The Australian, emphasis mine:

Carr takes up lobbyist role

October 27, 2005
FORMER NSW premier Bob Carr will chair an advisory council for the newly formed Climate Institute, which has been established with a $10 million grant from a philanthropic group, the Poola Charitable Foundation.

….The Climate Institute is a national organisation which will be chaired by prominent academic and researcher Clive Hamilton.

…Dr Hamilton said the Climate Institute would develop a five-year program to alert the public to the threats posed by global warming, and the economic opportunities of shifting to a low-carbon future. He hoped to create electoral pressure to force the Federal Government to change its position on global warming.

Of course there is nothing inherently left-wing about environmental concerns – but when environmental organisations are run by opponents of the modern world like Hamilton it’s not hard to guess the lines of argument it will take.

The Poola Foundation – the creation of a branch of the Murdoch family – has long funded Hamilton’s Australia Institute. In one action, they have ensured that the wealth of corporate Australia flows in far greater amounts to the left than the right.


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