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More on The Sydney Morning Herald‘s odd news priorities, at least in their on-line version. This morning under a section called ‘news specials’ is a story about a man caught stealing socks from a clothes line. While no doubt the owners of a ‘harbourside home’ are glad that the boys in blue saved their socks, I’m not sure that a broadsheet newspaper need worry about stories like this one.

Friday update: The SMH is still interested in the sock theft story. Admittedly it is getting a little more interesting – your average petty theft charge is not against someone from Double Bay or enrolled in a LLM, and epsecially not someone from Double Bay and enrolled in a LLM and already out on bail on break and enter charges. But the news priorities still strike me as odd.

Perhaps The Age will report another foiled crime which I witnessed the aftermath of in the Bourke Street Mall yesterday. There was a bit of a commotion around a clown on stilts who was entertaining the kiddies, in the hope that the mums would put a few coins in his upturned hat. As I got closer, a young cop was informing the audience that he had arrested the woman standing handcuffed next to him for ‘trying to steal the clown’s money so she could buy heroin’. A bit of instant shaming to go along with whatever charges she would score back at the station.

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September 30, 2004 at 8:39 am

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